Meeting Your Needs

Create eye-catching external signs that live long in the memory
Creative Solution's sign experts have been involved in design, manufacture and installation of external signs for the past 10 years.
Our sign team have wide ranging experience in all types of external signs and the methods by which a high quality finish can be achieved, on time and on budget.
Below are the main areas of external signs we have had the pleasure of producing for our customers, keep in mind the list is far from our complete product line, it's too vast to show them all!


Gourmet Shankill Signage

Look the part...


Using a wide range of materials such as acrylic, aluminium, wood, brushed or mirror stainless steel, we can provide quality illuminated lettering using LED. We have produced stunning effects in fascia lettering for all competitive commercial, corporate and retail industries. Illuminating letters are mounted on spacers and raised off the surface to stand out. They can have the same colour returns (the sides) or they can be made with different colour returns. The faces are cut with a computerised router or waterjet machine and the sides are fabricated to perfection.


Individual profile letters can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials and in different thicknesses. The result is a three-dimensional sign with visual impact. We can match letters to any colour of your choice. We use waterjet cutters and computer-controlled routers to cut each letter to precision in acrylics, foamex, aluminium (vinyl faced or powder coated) or stainless steel (plain, brushed or polished mirror finish). These highly engineered manufacturing systems give you the opportunity to cost-effectively create a matching custom rendition of your logo or special graphics.


Wall mounted sign.

Attention to Detail

Wall Mounted Signs as the name suggests, are signs that are fixed directly to a wall as opposed to being free standing or hanging. They are particularly useful internally where space is limited. Wall mounted signs can come in many forms and materials, whether it be your company logo, stand off lettering, tray signs or flat panel signs. They can be made out of wood, acrylic, steel or aluminium. Any material you deem suitable, we're confident we can produce it.

Our outdoor wall signs are designed to your specification, whilst showcasing your brand in a professional manner whilst maximising visibility.


Finance House Lightbox

Expert Service

Abprint & Design can provide a range of flex face signage, including ultra-slim, edge-lit and double-sided and projected. With both illuminated and non-illuminated options, we can tailor a high impact sign exactly to your needs. The flex face external light box system is a unique product perfectly suited for small and large, outdoor and illuminated promotions. 
Flex face signs can come in both illuminated and non-illuminated frames. With a variable depth depending on your requirements, the internal supporting struts are fixed to the back panel to create the rear tray of the light box.


The Anchor Bar PVC Banners

Always be seen

Printed Boards - 

What we do

  • Design, manufacture and install all types of hoarding

  • Make hoardings from the highest-quality materials

  • Manufacture both short and long-term fixtures, to stand alone or be fixed to a wall or railing


Wide variety of surfaces and materials

  • Aluminium Board

  • Fluted Corriboard

  • Flat PVC Foamboard

  • Wood

  • Perspex & much more...

  • Stand-alone hoarding

  • Hoarding fixed to wall or railing

PVC Banner - Make Your Celebration or Party special by Personalising one of our PVC Banners. Perfect for all Occasions and Events! High Resolution Digital Edge to Edge Printing. Full Colour on One Side, Supplied with Eyelets. Perfect for a birthday banner, company banner, shop banner, or scaffolding banner. 

Mesh PVC – A perforated PVC which allows wind gusts to pass through. Recommended for larger banners or those placed in windier locations. Finished with hems, eyelets and/or pole pockets.

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